Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome to Susanville Daily Photo!

I am taking on the challenge to post one new photo of the Susanville area each day. It's going to be a challenge considering we are in such a small town, but I think I am up to it.

For those of you wondering where heck Susanville is, check this out:


Jim said...

Glad your here. You will find this addictive. I have got to where I carry my camera everywhere, even to the corner store.

Rambling Round said...

Welcome to CDPG! This is a great photo to start with. I live in a fairly small town as well, and I don't have mountains to take pictures of! So, I fill in with rural sights.
Happy New Year!

Clueless in boston said...

Best wishes & Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot.

Happy New Year.

Olivier said...

mes meilleurs voeux en cette année 2008.
My best wishes in the year 2008.

Barbara said...

Hello Susanville--Welcome to the Photo of the Day..You have some of the most beautiful country in California to capture daily.

Hope you have a great "New Year". From West Sacramento Photo of the Day.

Matthieu said...

Welcome to the DP community :)

smilnsigh said...

Best of luck with this!

I do live in a city, although not a huge one. And I sometimes think it easier to find great entries, in a smaller place.

In a city, I almost feel *obligated* to take specific "city sights." When I might like to take something more interesting, but not really a "city sight."

So, be of good heart. :-) You may just have the best of both worlds... Being in the CDPG family and... having more lee way in what you choose to post.