Thursday, February 14, 2008

Skyline Park

Skyline Park in Susanville has a nice paved walking path. A dirt path leads to the top of a good sized hill. This hill looks out over the north end of town. There are great views of the college, hospital, and newer subdivisions. This is the park that I took a photo of the Lassen 'L' on a neighboring hillside.
At the top of the dirt path are benches, a flagpole, and a small monument for the native sons and daughters who lost their lives in defense of others. I will post that photo tomorrow.
This small plaque is on a park bench. Too bad its so marked up.


Kim said...

Such is life. This is a good reminder of what happens to the shiny and new after a time.
I went through Susanville at least twice as a girl with my parents on vacation. I was always impressed by its beauty, and your photos of these wintry months bares that out so well. Really lovely!

Jana said...

Thanks Kim!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I so hate it when people deface property like this :(

Neva said...

People feel free to mark up things still adds some character to the sign!