Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Susan River

This is a photo of the Susan River along the parkway. Its a small river, but will be full in a month or two once the snow really starts to melt. It reached flood stage a few years ago, but there wasn't much flooding.

I was really trying to get a great reflection shot. My 5 year old son just couldn't stop tossing rocks in the river, lol. I told him to stop, but he 'thought' it would be ok to toss the rocks in a different direction. LOL He had a great time, so that is what counts.


Hyde DP said...

maybe your son wants to help you photograph the ripples.

Jim said...

I think the reflection looks wonderful.

Jana said...

'maybe your son wants to help you photograph the ripples.'

LOL He kept saying, 'Hurry up mom, I need to throw more rocks.' Such a little boy.

Southern Heart said...

I thinkm that it's a lovely photo! And you'll have many happy memories of those ripples years from now. Those are the best kinds of photos. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Neva said...

This is a beautiful reflection with the ripples anyway...he added to the artistic design!

smilnsigh said...

I still think it's a very nice reflection.

Anyway, how does one get a 5 year old boy to stop tossing rocks in water? Actually, no one should. Unless he's going to do some real damage.

And *damaging* Mommy's photo taking, is not real damage. He will only be this age, today. Mommy will have years and years and years, to take photos. :-)))) As you know, I know.