Monday, June 23, 2008

Forest Fire Season in California

This weekend hundreds of small fires broke out in Northern California. A huge thunderstorm rolled through the north state. Our little area is nestled at the tip of a long and narrow valley. The smoke from a fire about 30+ miles away is rolling over the mountains and sitting here in the valley. Hopefully the fires can be contained. In August of 1999, Susanville was covered in smoke for 30 days. That was my first summer here and I wondered if we made a mistake moving!

This is a photo of yesterday's sunset.

For an incident map of the current fires, check here:

It will take a minute for all the fires to pop up on the map.


Jim said...

That glow is from smoke and fire? The one summer I lived in Sacramento in the late 80s it was scary, they always were telling us to not drive into smoke. It was burning to the east and west of the town.

Marcel said...

I heard about these fires on the radio today. My best wishes are extended to you and everyone who lives near these fires. I hope they are contained soon.

Lynette said...

I know everyone is working really hard to get those fires--what a huge number of them--under control. Please keep us posted from your perspective.