Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Forest Fire Smoke

The smoke from a forest fire about 30 miles away is covering Susanville. This photo is from 2 days ago. Yesterday the smoke was even thicker. Hopefully the fires will be out soon.


Hyde DP said...

Not the nicest of situations to have to endure. Hope it is sorted soon.

Louis la Vache said...

The smoke from those fires is drifting south and covering the Bay Area. Sunday night, "Louis" got an eerie shot of a smoky Bay at dusk from his balcony.
He'll post it on the blog in a few days.

Stroll over to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo where "Louis" invites you to step right up to the Wheel of Life!

Rambling Round said...

We've been watching those fires on the news. Sure hope they dissipate soon. That's a lot of smoke!