Friday, June 20, 2008

Walker Lake/Dyer Mountian

The Walker Lake/Dyer Mountain area is less then 20 miles outside of Susanville. This area is right next to the small town of Westwood. I am assuming this is the Walker Lake area, I am not very familiar with this area. But I am pretty certain I have it right. Famous last words, right?!! I hope to 'discover' the road to Walker Lake this summer. I need to ask some longtime residents for the directions.
There was a company that planned to develop a year round, 5 star resort on the side of Dyer Mountain. The company went bankrupt, so I doubt this project will happen. In one way it would be great for this county to have more jobs. Since the mills have closed, there hasn't been work for many residents. But on the other hand, this beautiful area across the lake would have condos and a giant hotel. The roads/traffic would be a disaster since the county approved a HUGE project yet made no attempts to fix the winding highways. Many people move to this area because they want a slower paced way of life, same as the long time residents. A year round resort would really change that. There are many other issues, too many to list!!!!


Hilda said...

Beautiful! I'm glad that the huge resort project didn't push through. Quiet cabins for rent and serviced by the residents sounds more appropriate. Maybe they can set up a cooperative?

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Jana! Yes, that's Walker Lake...we've been there a few times. Troy could tell you how to get there. There's a dam to walk across (scares me because it's so old). Sometimes, there's good fishing. Troy's caught a catfish there. I caught mosquito bites! Oh, and I fell in the lake while I was walking on railroad ties that are suppose to be "breakers". Haha!