Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Decorations



I pass this decorated yard just about anytime I go anywhere. It is on one of the main roads in this area. They also have more decorations I will post this week. You can partially see the Lassen 'L' in the background. More posts with the Lassen 'L' are above.


gogouci said...

I'm amazed at how creative the neighbors become during the Halloween season. This is one decoration I haven't seen yet. Very clever.

Rambling Round said...

Such a friendly looking goblin, witch, whatever! Some people are so creative...love it.

babooshka said...

He's laid back scarecrow

Curly said...

I'm amazed at how the American styled Halloween celebrations have swept over the UK over the past decade.
I wonder how many US pumpkins are exported to this island these days?

I have a small Halloween slide show to share.