Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bizz Johnson Trail is honored

Bizz Johnson trail honored as a former railroad route

Published: Friday, Nov. 07, 2008 Page 2B

Bizz Johnson trail honored as a former railroad route
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a national organization, has named the Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail as the eighth inductee to the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.
The Hall of Fame honors exemplary public trails that were converted from former rail lines and corridors.
The Bizz Johnson trail runs along the Susan River in Lassen County. The main trail head is at the old Railroad Depot in Susanville.
The trail is featured in Rails to Trails magazine and on the Web site,
The 24.5-mile multiuse trail is the longest rail-trail in California. It follows the former Southern Pacific railroad's Fernley and Lassen branch line, which carried lumber and passengers from 1914 to 1956.
The route leads through dense high-country woodlands and Susan River Canyon. Along its route from Susanville to Westwood are trestles, tunnels and two trail museums.
– Ramon Coronado


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Boise Diva said...

I'm glad those rails-to-trails conversions continue