Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Public Library

Our little library is located in the middle of town. Its in a strip mall alongside Grocery Outlet, All The Best Video, and a few other shops and offices. My kids enjoy the weekly story times and summer programs. I am happy to see the library has been busier the past year. There were times we would go to the library and it was just us and the librarians.


Chuck Pefley said...

Could be a fun and educational place for the kids while mom and dad do the grocery shopping. I like libraries in convenient and regularly trafficked locations.

brian said...

nice library, my mom always took us to the library when i was young and i still remember those saturday afternoon trips!

Anonymous said...

Not as nice as the original library that was uptown. I remember my ID number from back in the early 60's. Not going to divulge it, but it was in the 6000 series.